Great Burbank House Rewire Done Right

We have been the number one licensed electrician in Burbank, CA, for more than 30 years now. We can help if your Burbank home has old residential wiring behind the walls. Old wiring behind your Burbank home’s walls can be a fire hazard and old electrical sockets can be an electrical shock hazard, too. Older technology includes two-hole inputs on the electrical sockets and aluminum wiring, cloth-wrapped Romex wiring and knob and tube ceramic wiring. All of that can fray and become a fire hazard behind the walls. Just call My Burbank Electrician Hero for the most qualified electrical contractor in Burbank.

How Do We Do it?

We do it because you are our neighbor. We are a part of the Burbank community and we know that there are older homes inside the Burbank area. We know that there are risks with older residential wiring and we are home rewiring experts. We show up on time and get drill holes in the wall and work by visiting each room that needs house rewiring a room at a time. That means that we don’t shut off the power inside your Burbank home and we don’t have to tear out the walls.

What Are the Costs Involved?

We cannot tell you the specific costs until we head out to your Burbank home and do a free estimate. We can give you an honest and friendly assessment provided by our knowledgeable electricians.

How Long Does It Take?

That also depends on the size of your Burbank home and how much residential wiring needs to be removed and new wiring installed. Usually it takes a few days up to a few weeks.

Why Does It Need to Be Done?

That older wiring inside your Burbank home was not designed to handle the wattage and power needs of modern electronics like computers and modern appliances. Thus, the increased demands of modern life are dangerous for that wiring. That kind of demand on old wiring can trigger a fire.

What Now?

Call us and tell us that you are looking for residential rewiring in Burbank, CA. We’ll get an electrician out there fast to get you and honest estimate today!